About us

Sanctuary Retirement Living is part of Sanctuary Group, a not-for-profit organisation.

Sanctuary Retirement Living properties are located across England. We have 29 purpose built or adapted services which provide housing for people aged over 55. They offer communities and apartments designed to provide a home for life. We seek to offer a mixed community to older people who need different levels of care and also accommodate people under 55 with long term care needs. 

Our properties come in all shapes and sizes; from those offering 80 apartments to those with 20. What remains the same is the high quality buildings and support services provided by our dedicated teams.

Working in close partnership with residents, their families, carers, health professionals and commissioners, we deliver high quality services  and communities that residents are proud to live in. 



Published quarterly, Snapshot is a resident and client newsletter that celebrates and shares news and success stories from across supported living and retirement living schemes.

Annual reports

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